Making sure PE and Sport activity providers are heading in the right direction

We're founding members of the UKactive Kids, a strategy team and leading voice for all providers of sports and physical activity in schools and the wider community.

UKactive Kids believes every child should have the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle. The number of boys and girls who are reaching the Chief Medical Officer's guidelines for physical exercise is in rapid decline, meaning a generation are growing up without physical activity as a normal part of their daily lives.

UKactive Kids acts to support, represent and lead all providers of sport, physical activity and exercise in schools, the community, charities and public sector. We represent over 10,000 children's activity providers on issues such as skills and training, access to provision and best practice.

Our objectives are to:

  • Help inform government policy with insight from the playing fields, playground and sports halls of thousands of schools and community settings across the country
  • Shape the direction and strategy for the sector, with a direct voice through to the ukactive board
  • Create a vision and structure for delivery and influence the lives of hundreds of thousands of children for years ahead
  • Define standards and good practice, helping to ensure the safety of children who participate in member led activity
  • Where needed, work with key stakeholders to put in place regulations & accreditation in place to uphold standards
  • Stimulate the growth of the sector and the achievement of the vision of more children, more active, more often

For your peace of mind

We have worked closely with industry experts to implement a Code of Conduct, quality assured standards, the ‘Seal of Approval’ audit system and create the new suite of ‘Fit For Purpose’ qualifications, developed with the support of our partners. Our aim is to ensure that parents, teachers and many others can choose their sports and PE providing partners with complete confidence.

You can find out more about the UKactive Kids here