Don't take our word for the quality of our sports coaching

They say a happy customer is a business's best advert and here's where you'll find the comments of many of ours – children, parents and teachers amongst them.

Whenever I book an event or activities with Planet Education I know that I am doing so confidently. Despite the best efforts of covid to interrupt school life, for some classes sports day was the first day back, I knew that the day would be organised superbly so that all children were able to access and even excel at an event. Sean and the rest of the team arrived promptly and were attentive to our needs and recognised that without practice the day could be challenging for some children , ( and staff!) However, this didn't worry them at all, time was made to enable everyone to understand the purpose. Competitive sport is an inherent part of school life and growing up. Working within our house team structure the children had the opportunity  to take part in a variety of events and develop their team skills. The variety of events was super, tri-golf seems to be a real hit for our children. How do I know it was a success? That's an easy question to answer, the children had smiles on their faces and were still buzzing about the excitement the day after.

Mr Shaw, Headteacher at Smannell & Enham Primary School, 2021

Having spoken to the Year 3 team we are very pleased with what Jake has been doing. The parents have been really positive on Seesaw and the children, in school, get very excited, lots of fist bumps and cheers when Mrs Mills tells them that it's happening. Mrs Mills thinks he is doing a great job and that the quiz is good at the end of each lesson.  

Year 3 Feedback about online live PE lession via video, Marnel Junior School, 2021

Children are loving it!! They enjoy counting their reps and sharing in the chat and the quiz at the end

Year 5 Feedback about online live PE lession via video, Marnel Junior School, 2021

I was logged on for last week’s lesson. Children were engaged and seemed to enjoy it. The lesson was easy to follow short steps for each section. Good modelling. 

Year 6 Feedback about online live PE lession via video, Marnel Junior School, 2021

We have worked with Planet Education for a number of years,  engaging them to provide PPA cover within our school.  Staff have always been friendly and approachable, whether they be the coaches themselves or the management team.  Planet Education have made visits to our school to get to know the ethos of the school as well as to discuss the provision. The regularity, and content of these meetings, has ensured effective continuous provision for our children.  As a school, we have particularly enjoyed the high-quality dance and gym teachers who we have been fortunate enough to have teaching in school. Their expertise has been inspirational to many. 

Mrs Baker, Deputy Headteacher at Busbridge C of E Junior School, 2020

Planet Education sports coaches have been working in our school for over three years now to deliver PPA cover, sports days, lunchtime and after school clubs.  The children love the sports sessions which are delivered with both enthusiasm and energy, and by coaches who are professional and friendly.  As a company Planet Education are extremely flexible and will work with schools to support the best possible sports provision in the setting.  We would recommend them to any school looking to include sport and PE into their curriculum.

Mrs Beswick, Headteacher at Chalk Ridge Primary, 2020  

Planet Education have been a super addition to our school. The knowledgeable coaches are enthusiastic about the wide range of sports that they provide. Their skill at building relationships with the children has been great and this has really contributed to the success of our partnership.  School staff have gained a great deal from the sports mentoring support that the coaches have provided. They have opened up new opportunities for everyone in lessons, after school clubs, as well as competitions with other schools. Sports days have grown to include new sports which Planet Education have provided resources for, with their help we’ve added in a winter sports day.

Mr Shaw, Headteacher at Smannell & Enham Primary School, 2020

"My kids thoroughly enjoyed their time at Holiday Camp - even moaned that they wanted to stay the full day rather than the shorter one that I had booked. The staff are really helpful, friendly and professional. I will definitely be using again next holiday. Thank you!!"

Parent Feedback on our Planet Active Holiday Camps, October 2020

"Always happy and engaging staff. Great at interacting with kids and remembering their names. Fun games with respectful sportsmanship and rules promoted. My child loves it... I wish I could join in too! NHS discount is fantastic!"

Parent Feedback on our Planet Active Holiday Camps, October 2020

Following the Planet Education Playground Activator Workshop, the staff and children at QI Primary School are now ready to practise and enjoy social distancing games at playtime. The session was well run by Mr Gray. He thoroughly explained the activities to the children and staff as well as providing rules to use independently. The children enjoyed learning new games to play at playtime. I would recommend the session to other schools to help them to improve their playtime provision post lockdown

Miss Roe, KS2 PE Lead at Queen's Inclosure Primary School, 2020

Planet Education provides excellent sports provision at Chalk Ridge every week. The children always look forward to their sessions. The coaches are professional, enthusiastic and positive role models for our children. Their support at our sports days and inter school tournaments has also been valuable.

Mrs Beswick, Headteacher at Chalk Ridge Primary, 2019

Thank you so much for improving my confidence and subject knowledge! it has been such a joy to watch the children grow in independence and to see their skills progress. I have really enjoyed having my thinking challenged and for more straight forward teaching points to be pointed out. I look forward to applying my new ideas to other PE units and for more simple lesson set up/need for equipment to ease the pressure for preparation at the end of lunch/lesson start.

S Warner, Teacher feedback on our Teacher CPD programme, 2019

Amy has been a brilliant mentor, despite challenges (me being pregnant) she has been accommodating and professional but also ensuring I received the maximum amount of training possible. The children have made progress and enjoyed their learning

Teacher feedback on our Teacher CPD programme, 2019

Amy has been very supportive especially as this coincided with my return to work following maternity leave and the gap in teaching PE. The idea sharing/questions being answered has been super Shame it is not longer - though Friday afternoon PE with year R has been a challenge

C Vidler, Teacher at Netley Abbey Infant School, 2019

I have found the whole programme extremely useful and beneficial to my own professional development and to the children's own physical development. I have really valued Dom's knowledge, support and advice on how to develop my teaching methods, the layout of PE sessions and planning each lesson with a specific focus. I have found the programme really supportive and it has changed my approach and confidence in teaching PE and supporting children's overall physical development

Mrs Matier, Deputy Headteacher at North Farnborough Infant School, 2019

It has been an exciting challenge this year to be part of the teacher CPD programme.  It has enabled me to reflect on my existing PE teaching and subject knowledge and, through guidance and support from Dominic, improve my lessons and therefore the PE skills and capabilities of the children in my class.  The programme has challenged my thinking in a supportive way and has encouraged me to take greater ownership in the PE I deliver to my class.

E Taylor, Smannell and Enham CofE Primary School, 2018

I have really enjoyed working alongside Planet Education this year. The support I have received has been excellent and I have learned new skills which I have been able to use in my own P.E. lessons. As an NQT, being able to develop my subject knowledge in something that I am passionate about has been great in my own professional development. The staff at Planet Education are friendly, approachable and value the progress of your children and make an amazing contribution to the sport in my school. My class have loved their P.E. lessons with Planet Education. It has been like having a third member of my class team.

W Ewens, Oakley Junior School, 2018

During my short time with the Planet Ed team I feel much more confident in teaching games to Yr R. I have learnt new ways of teaching PE which have enabled all children to make good or better progress in all lessons. I am now aware of the importance of grouping children in PE, much like we all do in the classroom. I have enjoyed these sessions and found the staff to be supportive and encouraging at all times..

R Pett, St Marks C of E Primary School, 2018

The primary school sports funding has been used to improve teachers' skills and confidence to teach physical education. School leaders have employed an outside agency to work alongisde teachers and pupils to develop skills across a range of sports. This has led to an increase in the number of pupils enjoying sports that help to keep them fit and healthy.

Ofsted report from a partner school, 2017

I have been extremely impressed with the impact on the quality of teaching and learning in PE since we began the teacher CPD programme. Teachers have been highly complementary about the support provided and the improved subject knowledge and confidence that they now have. The professionalism of Dominic and the additional personalised guidance he has given both before and after sessions has been key in our decision making to continue for another year with this scheme. I would highly recommend to schools using their Schools Funding' to make use of this staff training method.

Mrs Lewis, Headteacher at Cherrywood Primary School, 2017

In working in partnership with Dom, the teaching staff have increased their individual knowledge and skills in the areas of the curriculum covered in their year groups. By receiving support from Dom, the staff have commented on how they now feel much more confident in delivering and assessing PE.

Mrs Gurung, PE Coordinator at Cherrywood Primary School, 2017

I have to say both Lydia and I were extremely impressed with everything Planet Education provided for our 2015 Summer School. The relationships that the coaches built with the children was fantastic and really made the children feel comfortable which in turn will have helped them participate and enjoy the sport and activities more.
I am familiar with the Planet Education team and having used you for my holiday activities, I know that we are in completely safe hands so I really had no worries at all. Lydia however didn’t have any experience of you and was basically taking my recommendation. So for her, she was so completely thrilled with how it all worked out. We hope this will be the start of a great partnership for the Summer School.

Abigail Wells, Activities Manager at Highfield School, 2015

Planet Education staff are always enthusiastic! They plan exciting lessons and liaise with teachers so that Early Years goals can be worked toward and met. The children are always keen and excited when the team are in school, the staff praise and encourage the children and support them in their development which has led to good development in their physical progression.

Mrs S Holdway, Headteacher at Riders Infant School, Hampshire, 2015

Planet Education are a fantastic addition to our school, our children have flourished and have become more confident in new and different skills.

Mr. M. Lambert, Headteacher at Wallop Primary School, Hampshire, 2015

Through supplying teacher support at our school Planet Education have allowed all team members to increase their skills, feel confident teaching high quality PE lessons and allow the children to reach their full potential.

Mrs H. Bremner, PE Manager at Northern Parade Infant School, Portsmouth, 2015

We have been using Planet Education to provide some differentiated PE skills this academic year and have been impressed how the staff have adapted to the diverse needs of our children. PE lessons have included creative movement, Athletics and FUN's. The children have been engaged and able to develop new skills whilst being taught by professional PE coaches. We are very pleased to be working with Planet Education and would highly recommend them.

Gemma Storey, PE Co-ordinator at Riverside Community Special School, Waterlooville, 2015

It has been very difficult to find an appropriate inclusive sports club for our son Rowan, aged 12, who has complex special needs (including physical, speech and learning difficulties).   Planet Sport's Disability Club in Portsmouth has provided a very safe, welcoming and stimulating environment for him and he cannot wait to attend every Thursday!  He loves having the independence to try new activities, but with the support and encouragement of coaches Joe, Lee and Rhys who run a balance of both structured and more flexible activities.  The equipment and activities are varied, well thought out and often adapted/specialised to meet his needs.  Rowan is at a stage where he is desperate to have the opportunity socialise and make new friends - he sees both the children and coaches as just that! 

Chris Hiron, Parent of Rowan at our Disability Sports Club, Portsmouth, October 2015