A winning team for schools

The Planet Education team works in partnership with around 150 schools every week, to help their own teaching staff to deliver their establishment's PE and sport objectives, including the Primary School Physical Literacy Framework, where applicable.

As in everything we do, our aim is to encourage and increase participation amongst all children and young people to give them a positive experience of PE and sport, no matter what their age or ability level, while equipping them with life-enhancing skills and healthy attitudes.

How pupils benefit

Our expertise ranges from developing those all important ABCs (Agility, Balance and Coordination) and promoting healthy competition through inter and intra-school sport events, right through to delivering 'physical literacy.'

The latter enables pupils to:

  • acquire and develop their fine and gross motor skills and techniques
  • select and apply these skills to solve physical problems and refine their performance
  • observe and learn to analyse, evaluate and improve their own skills, and those of others
  • develop their knowledge, skill and understanding of safe practice and how fitness benefits performance and health.

The aim is that all pupils should be empowered to solve problems while enhancing their creative thinking, evaluation and reasoning skills. Plus, they will learn to work together and communicate more effectively in various physical, visual, oral and written ways.

How staff benefit

We'll help to develop your team to teach and deliver PE more effectively and confidently, working with them through school based Continuous Personal Development (CPD) programmes so they can extend the range and standard of PE and games teaching and learning they can offer pupils – and how they engage pupils in the subject.

All PE programmes are fully aligned to the National Curriculum for PE and Ofsted requirements and can be tailored to your exact requirements.