We don't just talk opportunity for ALL, we live it

The wonderful London Olympics - and especially the Paralympics - of 2012 opened everyone's eyes to what disabled people could achieve once they set their mind to it, and with the right professional coaching.

We've been bringing the expertise we have and experience we've gained to bear for children with disabilities and Special Educational Needs (SEN) for some time. It's where our passion and commitment for encouraging participation in sport for children of all ages and ALL abilities really pays dividends.

Sportability Clubs - the first step on a sports journey

These are our flagship coached activities for children with disability and special educational needs, enabling them to have fun and enjoy themselves while improving their well-being. It gives them the chance to experience a wide range of sports, increase their confidence and thrive and grow within their abilities. It also helps them improve their communication skills and fundamental movement capabilities in a team building environment.

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