Collaborations that benefit our young sporting communities

We work in partnership with a wide range of highly expert and experienced organisations to enhance the fun, enjoyment and overall benefit children and young people gain from their sporting and physical education activities. These include:


The community sports foundation

Planet Education delivers various activities for The Community Sports Foundation, a UK registered charity which seeks to develop a wide range of sporting activities and events specifically targeted at children and young adults.

Together we provide 'Once in a Lifetime' experiences for children as we share the foundation's passionate belief that through sport we are able to break down many of the barriers which exist within communities and work towards reducing levels of crime, anti-social behaviour and rising obesity. We are committed to providing our participants with the ability to become physically active and thus benefit from improved confidence, comradeship and discipline.

You can find out more about The Community Sports Foundation here


Elite Football

Elite Football is an independent, high-performance training academy that allows young footballers to realise and maximise their potential, with the opportunity through our development, pathways and partnerships to perhaps gain a professional football club contract one day. We bridge the gap between grass-roots and professional club academy football.

Ours is a holistic, continental approach that includes top-class training from UEFA and FA qualified coaches, individual assessments from our physiotherapists, highly qualified sports science experts, as well as top sports psychologists. We also utilise match-analysis technology for our teams and players. At the end of each season we proudly represent England in the world's youth football tournament, The Gothia Youth World Cup, held in Sweden.

You can find out more about Elite Football – including when the Summer Roadshow will be near you - here


EduCare for Sport Blue RGB

EduCare for Sport is an online learning service providing essential duty of care and safeguarding information to help ensure all Planet Education staff work in the right way to keep the children in our charge safe and secure and all our activities legally compliant.

Our staff, volunteers and members have access to online learning programmes covering key duty of care and safeguarding topics.

You can find out more about EduCare for Sport here


C4L secondary logo cmyk

With only 21% of boys and 16% of girls meeting the minimum recommended guidelines for physical activity we're proud to support Change4Life, the public health programme in England run by the Department of Health. It's the country's first national social marketing campaign to tackle the causes of obesity.

We're local supporters of Change4Life, which aims to help families, from children to adults, make small, sustainable yet significant improvements to their diet, activity levels and alcohol consumption.

Using the slogan 'Eat well, move more, live longer' the campaign focuses on six healthy behaviours including 5-a-day, watching salt intake, cutting back the fat, sugar swapping, choosing less booze and – the part we love – getting going every day!

You can find out more about Change4Life here


Sports Leader logo

Sports Leaders UK inspires people and communities through leadership qualifications in sport, dance, volunteering and expeditions. It trains over 121,000 learners a year through 6,000 delivery centres across the UK.

Learners from nine years old can achieve awards and nationally recognised qualifications, offering progression from Level 1 (age 13) to higher education, enabling schools, colleges and universities to integrate leadership into their academic programmes and helping students to develop and demonstrate skills that go beyond leading sport.

Sports Leaders UK helps to develop essential life skills including organisation, motivation, communication and teamwork. These skills can be applied in community volunteering and they enhance employability.
We are proud to partner Sports Leaders UK in the delivery of their courses.

You can find out more about Sports Leaders UK here

Local Authorities

We are increasingly working with public sector organisations, such as local authorities, to help them deliver their sports services.

For example, we're partnering Eastleigh Borough Council's Sport and Active Lifestyles Team to enable them to deliver their objective of helping local people work towards a healthy lifestyle.

Their Friday Night Football programme provides informal 5-a-side matches for 8-19 year olds at Fleming Park, Botley Recreation Ground and The Hub. We provide the professional coaching and sessions generally consist of five-a-side games with expert training if requested. And young players can enjoy all this for just a £1 each!